Is 1 day enough for Mykonos?

24 hours in Mykonos

Is one day enough time in Mykonos?

Although there are many things to do, you’ll have enough time if you have a concise itinerary.
Mykonos is a small island and many of the island’s main attractions are focused around a rather small area (Mykonos Old Town) that can easily be seen over the course of a day.
Ideally, two or three days on Mykonos would be preferable, but one day is enough time to at least get a taste of Mykonos.

Here is a comprehensive one-day itinerary in Mykonos that will ensure that you get the most out of your time on the island of the winds.

09:00 AM, The most important meal of the day.

Wake up before the hustle and bustle of the island begin. Walk the cobbled streets of Mykonos Old Town and follow your enter to one of the bakeries that you will cross. Gerasimo’s Bakery, Attica Bakeries, and Gioras Wood Medieval Mykonian Bakery are all equally great options, where you can taste original Mykonian baked goods.

24 hours in Mykonos Morning Town

10:00 AM, Seize the day!

Now that the South Part of Mykonos starts to get extremely crowded, join one of our Safari Tours and explore Mykonos from side to side. Visit secluded beaches, historical monuments, and traditional Cycladic villages and enjoy a traditional greek lunch with local wine.

Since this is your only day in Mykonos a Half Day Morning Tour will be enough to discover a large part of the island and you will be back no later than 15:00.

24 hours in Mykonos Safari Tour

15:00 AM, Make the most of your stay.

At this point, you have almost explored the whole island on a luxurious 4×4 car, and rather than staying at Mykonos Town, I would strongly recommend joining a Catamaran Sunset Cruise to Delos and Rhenia Island that runs from 15:30 to 20:30. The highly reputable catamaran companies Mykonos Dolphin and Catamaran Mykonos will provide an opulent environment on board in order to make the most out of your visit to Mykonos.

Relax in the comfortable seats of the modern Catamaran and let summer sea breezes caress your body. The cruise will take you up to the sacred island of anticity – Delos, the birthplace of God Apollo, and to a tranquil paradise called Rhenia. On your way back a suspension freshly prepared seafood meal will be served on board.

24 hours in Mykonos Catamaran Cruise

20:30 AM, Sit back and Relax!

Once you arrive back at the New Port of Mykonos, it’s time to relax and reminisce about all the great sights and excitement you’ve gathered. The perfect scenery for this purpose is a waterfront beach bar alongside a refreshing drink. Negrita Bar Mykonos, Notorious, and Skybar, can be the perfect option for this occassion.

24 hours in Mykonos Beach Bar

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